cattleToma & Bouma Management Consultants are leaders in strategic analysis and planning. We often are engaged on change issues and challenges facing agencies in agriculture and food, manufacturing, municipal, applied research, technology and not-for-profits. Both partners are also actively involved in the community as volunteer leaders with several groups including professional associations, community service and sport. In all areas of our involvement we strive for excellence in strategic thinking and decision-making based on solid market-based research and in-depth analysis. We have been recipient of numerous awards from associations and the public sector for high quality and enduring service. We strive to offer new ideas and quality service to help the organizations and the people we work with, become more successful.

Our core services as a consulting firm are:

  1. Strategic Planning – services designed to address markets, issues and long term directions. Our clients range from national firms, regional industry associations or sectors, to small start up technology businesses.
  2. Business planning – services designed to transform strategic priorities into specific action plans, measures, resource requirements and financial objectives.
  3. Governance and/or CEO Reviews – processes and services designed to address questions of effectiveness, performance as well as fundamental strategy and structural reviews at the Board level.
  4. Corporate Reviews – assess plant, management issues and areas for productivity improvements. Includes IRAP and AITF company reviews and rural municipality reviews.
  5. Economic and Regional development – assessing regional economic issues/impacts, economic development plans and ways to create or improve rural economic growth.
  6. Policy Development and Reviews – identifying core issues, opportunities and strategic priorities for government departments and agencies. Our particular area of focus is the development of value added and economic development strategies.
  7. Market Research and Planning – developing detailed customer focused strategies and implementation plans using industry-based market research and collaborations with experts.

We offer independent thought and advice on a wide range of business and policy questions. We do not take financial or equity positions with our clients; we do not sell products or prescribe services on behalf of other organizations. We offer complete and total objectivity in order to deliver consultation services that are in your best interest. We maintain total confidentiality and have an excellent client base and performance record that provides assurance of our standards of quality.